/dev/tcp forgotten linux delicacy

Most of use nmap , ping ,ping ,wget curl , nc …. when need use or diagnose network from linux command line. I want show you how  to use bash for fast diagnostic , scanning ,send or download files, open websites , check services and create simple backdoor. Lets Begin /dev/{tcp,udp}/ it’s pseudo device file…

“Explain Shell” by web service .

One website from category awesome “Awesome” http://explainshell.com/  great tool for fast check parameter . example command s -elf what do          

(Torren & VPN) && || ipleak ,protect yourself

This is simple script for protect yourself when you vpn connection fails. Idea for script is simple kill torrent client when vpn not work . Script every 2 seconds checking status vpn connection in NetworkManger if vpn work  nothing do, but when vpn is down script check memory if find there process deluge or transmission kill…

Find in file

  Sometime you need find information saved in file example you get error about wrong ip configuration but you dont know where admin save configuration. Good resolutions is run grep on all one type file example xml or conf . grep -r -n -i –include=”*.xml”


Few simple example how to no interactive add account and change password. Change password add user and set password Somtimes stdin didnt work so we can use example nr 1 or chpasswd that: or that : If you want to update your own password as a normal user you may use ps. sometimes working <<<

KVM qmeu dump xml all machines

This is script backup for copy config virtual machines. Create xml filesv from all you machines in current directory more readable version


Sometimes you need know how many pps send or recive server in duration time . This is simple script using multithreaded for read information and save information from all network interfaces ( every interface have individual thread) . On any linux system sholuld working. Script read stats from /sys/class/net//statistics/tx_packets What doing script. 1. Check numbers…

look for date created file on disk, real date

In linux system you can easily change date created file on disk.Sometimes you need tools for check original date modification file by user. Helpfulness can be debugfs tools . This simple bash script generate log from debugfs about files user, in output you get ctime atime mtime and most importan crtime run script with aparameter…

How to Reset the Root Password

first step stop mysql deamon , (in anotcher dis #in arch linux run mysql in safe mode without grant tables as children “&” Connect to mysql server as root Change root password:

Croping mutliple images

Simple :P? if you want work in mutli-core many task must create pipeline for multitask list of file to converting …. example leater ….